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Grandmaster Lacy has passed and is no longer with us.Mew Hing Productions has now passed to his son Michael Lacy

E-mail: Michael@calfarmeus.com
Phone: (650) 350 - 2556

Dear Students and Friends
GrandMaster Lacy has passed and no longer with us...
Click on the pic below to contact his son Michael Lacy who has inherited all of his father's info and title.No one else but he is aurhorized to sell any of the mewhing or his father's info.No student of Jim's got a Grandmaster Title

New clips of GGM Wai and GGM Lacy
Flying Phoenix Fist Breakdowns
Partial clip of breakdowns for Dim Mak
White Eyebrow TF Chong Boe Kuen Breakdowns
Wing Chun Breakdowns
Hou Kuen - Monkey Fist - Portion Sample
GGM Wai teaching me a secret fighting form of Mew Hing's.
Iron Palm Tape excerpts
Level 1 Heavenly Thunder Palms - Form Apps.-80's

Important Notice About Our Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Herbal Books DVD Series!

Please note that although we started with 17 tapes with Panther Productions in the 90’s, they sold out to the current World’s Largest Martial Arts Supplier, Century Martial Arts Supply. Understand that what we offer in our own DVD’s are exclusive, meaning you won’t find these higher levels of information with Century. We hope you appreciate this ever growing list of archived and new titles that will take you to the higher levels in all areas of 18 Daoist Palms’ material. Not many make it in the world’s largest catalog in their profession. We are proud to be listed under 18 Daoist Palms and Dim Mak with the likes of the old guard pioneers like Grandmaster David German. Again, thank you for your support and rest assured that this section of our site will continue to grow. I have made a short clip of Panther’s old catalog in 2001 and their first full catalog of 2007 (Click Here), merely to show the growth and to point out that we pioneered this type of learning early on with the industry leader. From now on they will get no more, but our list of things they don’t have will grow.

New Prices for Our DVD’s as of April 1, 2007

All our DVD’s are $25 – No Refunds!

*Each is hand produced and personally signed for the buyer by me!

*Any order over 20 DVD’s will only pay $15 per DVD!

We appreciate your support and patience as we slowly digitize series 3 and move on to series 4. All our titles are curriculum to test for in our 18 Daoist Palms worldwide home study video exchange/certification program since 1991. Congratulations to Master Shi Fu Lohon Larry Matheny for being the first to test yearly on time and go up the traditional ranking system to Master Shi Fu this last 2006 since I inherited the 7th generation title to 18 Daoist Palms in 1988.

Grandmaster (Jung Shee) James Patrick Lacy
Five Elder Monk Mew Hing’s 18 Daoist Palms System of Southern Chinese Kung Fu.

Grandmaster Lacy’s ‘Gold’ Series Productions on DVD

Grandmaster Lacy’s ‘Silver’ Series Productions on DVD

2005 Herb Books

Seminars by Jung Shee Lacy

Newest CD Series

"Learn the rare 18 Daoist Palms' White Eyebrow in a (2) CD series designed to play on the computer utilizing Windows Media Player 9 or 10. The first CD deals with the history, philosophy,
principles, footwork, ging transfer, (8) authentic flexibility exercises, (2) authentic qigong as well as an explanation of finer points and
instructions on how the material on CD 2 should be followed to get best results in learning the (9) first core solo fighting forms.

My 13 year tested home study student Lohon Golden Dragon Elder Brother Shi Fu Larry Matheny thoroughly explains each move and shows close ups and explains finer points. Notice we offer all 9 free clips that are taken from the series that show the far away view only of the 9 core forms which are as follows:

Form 1 - Gic Bow Kuen - View Clip
Form 2 - 18 Devils' Claw - View Clip
Form 3 - Eagles' Claw Chinese 10 Hook Attack Fist - View Clip
Form 4 - Dragon's Shadow / Devil's Fist - View Clip
Form 5 - 18 Devils' Bridge - View Clip
Form 6 - Fae Sat Kuen - View Clip
Form 7 - Tin Gong Kuen - View Clip
Form 8 - Long Ying Kuen - View Clip
Form 9 - Sap Jee Kuen - View Clip

This 18 Daoist Palms' White Eyebrow has nothing to do with other systems of White Eyebrow. The fifteen training forms my former teacher and Vince helped film at my house will be forthcoming. When complete there will be about 26 of these rare 18 Daoist Palms' White Eyebrow Forms.

Our (2) CD set playable on your computer using Windows Media Player 9 or 10 costs $300. It is only sold as a two part

New!!! Five Elder Monk Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms Level 2 Coconut (Palm) Break Training Standing Moving Meditation #4 of 9

Grandmaster James Lacy Products and Distributorship

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GM Lacy
GM Lacy 56 yrs 2006
GM Lacy
GM Lacy 56 yrs 2006
GM Lacy
GM Lacy 2007
GM Lacy
GM Lacy 2007
GM Lacy
Grandmaster (Jung Shee) James Patrick Lacy at 58.5 years old Grandmaster (Jung Shee) Lacy on December 30, 2008 - 58.5 years old
GM Lacy
Grandmaster (Jung Shee) James Patrick Lacy at 58.5 years old Grandmaster (Jung Shee) Lacy on December 30, 2008 - 58.5 years old (2)
GM Lacy
May 16, 2010 My 60th birthday. Grandmaster (Jung Shee) James Patrick Lacy

James Lacy and his Mother

A Tribute To My Mom, Frances Lacy...1929 to 2003 from her only son, me.

My Mom was my hero. This excerpt from my friend the late Grandmaster Ed Parker appeared in his Volume 3 Infinite Insights Into Kenpo. It has inspired me and the source is unknown.

"Good Timber

The tree that never had to fight
For sun and sky and air and light,
That stood out in the open plain,
And always got its share of rain,
Never became a forest king,
But lived and died a scrubby thing
The man who never had to toil,
Who never had to win his share,
Of sun and sky and light and air,
Never became a manly man,
But lived and died as he began.
Good timber does not grow in ease:
The stronger wind, the tougher trees.
The farther sky, the greater length;
The more the storm, the more the strength;
By sun and cold, by rain and snows,
In tree or man good timber grows.
Where thickest stands the forest growth,
We find the patriarchs of both,
And they hold converse with the stars
Whose broken branches show the scars
Of many winds and much of strife;
This is the common law of life." Unknown.

James Lacy's Mother's Wedding

I am with you always Mom. I know you will find Dad and both of you will allow me to be your son again in the mansion worlds where we will meet with the rest of our family through Jesus...the only true Master.

Your loving son eternally,
James Patrick Lacy

7th generation Jung Shee of Five Elder Monk Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms. Title authorized by 6th generation family inherited White Tiger Jung Shee Doo Wai of the Bak Fu Pai White Tiger Association January 12th 1988.


There is NO 18 Daoist Palms Chat Group that is authorized by Jung Shee James Lacy!!!

" :

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Action Magazine - October 3, 2002, Martial Arts Talk - Standing Moving Meditation #3

Martial Arts Talk May 28, 2002

Karate Voice June 22, 2001

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Jow Information

"Had it not been for your formulas, this research would not have been done!" ...Diane
Scholarly Thesis on our Jow

New Historical Info

Info on Mew Hing by Grandmaster Doo Wai given to Grandmaster Lacy

The Kenpo/18 Daoist Palms Connection

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Wkko Award

Special Commendation
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Special Commendation
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PKKS Certificate April 2008

Chinese Boxing Association Advisor Certificate


San Diego Pin Award
Special Pin Award

Grandmaster Lacy recently received a special pin from the current Mayor of San Diego, the Honorable Dick Murphy. Jung Shee Lacy has awards from every Mayor of San Diego since 1978! The NASA 'Space Pen,' on the far left was given to Jung Shee from then U.S Senator Pete Wilson. Mayor Murphy had this to say: "Your many generous contributions over the years, helping people of all ages to feel empowered, are to be commended; thank you again for your commitment to the community and best wishes for a successful anniversary celebration."
-- Dick Murphy / Mayor of San Diego.

New Award! June 2003

(Click to enlarge)

California State Assembly Endorsement of 18 Daoist Palms
New Award!
(Click to enlarge)

Golden Life Time Achievement Award
View Some More of Jung Shee's Awards

New Photos!

Palm Break 1991
Click on image to see larger version

Professor Vincent James Peppers
Founder and Grandmaster of
'Sovereign White Tiger'
Photos with Jung Shee Lacy taken about 1989

Click to enlarge
Grandmaster David German and Tiger
David German
"The "White Tiger" style of Kung Fu was taught to Mr German by Doo Wai,
Brian Adams, Parker Linekin, & Jim Lacy."

Click to enlarge
Wai and Lacy
Me at Wai's house late 80's

Photos of Bench Form with Wai
Click to enlarge

Wai and Lacy

Wai and Lacy

Wai and Lacy

Wai and Lacy

Wai and Lacy
The signed photo from Wai says:
“To Crazy “Iron Palm” Lacy,
In the center of our mind, mysteries
are very fine . But, the truth is in the Palms.
Realize The Secret Mysteries of The Internal Iron Palms.
6th Generation family inherited Bak Fu Pai Grandmaster Doo Wai – 5/22/11

Signed Photo of Wai
Click to enlarge
Wai and Lacy

Signed Photo of Wai
Click to enlarge

Wai and Lacy

Three Times World Heavyweight Boxer Mohammed Ali’s Personal Herbalist and Chinese Physician
Store and note with translation

Click to enlarge

Wai and Lacy

Click to enlarge

Wai and Lacy
"After 30 years of buying and learning about Chinese herbs, my herbalist Ahn, son of Mr. Wong signed a note of friendship to me. I have included a photo of the herb shop. Wai and I used the same herbalist. Mr. Wong and his sons Ahn and Willy helped me write over a dozen herb books in .PDF and one in the Library of Congress from the early 90's.

My work with Ahn breaking down my system's herbal lists led to a few dozen herb articles in most of the major martial art magazines from around '85 to '95. My herbal studies started in 1965."

New!! Illustrated Form
Dragon/Phoenix Fist Form Illustrated

New Free Videos


New Creative Break Aug 2009
New creative break for Feb. 4, 09 - coconut hammer break on the pectoral muscle
Coconut Palm Break Practice - July 24, 2008
Low Heel Kick Barefoot Coconut Break April 16 2008
Low Heel Kick Coconut Break
GGML Tai Chi Chuan Public Access Early 80's
Fresh Refrigerated Coconut In The Husk - Pillow Break
Creative Coconut Breaks

Crane Beak Coconut Break with Pillows and Gloves
Creative Pillow Break Attempts - May 1st 2006
Forearm Coconut on the Palm Break - December 16, 005
Coconut Level 2 Palm Break 10-5-2003
Iron Claw Fist Clip I
Iron Claw Fist Clip II
Nar Jar Fist
18 Daoist Palms Earthquake Fist Tiger Step Solo Fighting Form
Hou Kuen Form
Don't Try This at Home!!
Padded Back Elbow Coconut Break
Left Hand Backfist Coconut Break without Pillow
Uppercut Elbow Coconut Break

Coconut Back Hand Breaks - Both Hands
Back Hand Break

Successful Coconut Punch Break

Coconut Punch Attempt Forward Elbow Shuto
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Techniques 2
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Forms 2
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981Techniques 3
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Forms 3
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Techniques 4
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Forms 4
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Techniques 5
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Forms 5
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Techniques 6
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Forms 6 Staff and Sai
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage Forms 7 Sai 2
18 Daoist Palms Archived Footage 1981 Hawaiian Forms

New!!Inside Shuto Break

18 Daoist Palms Archived 1991 Footage Teaching Former Student Shi Fu Bob Erhardt the Level 1 Coconut Break Push Hands
Note: You may need to adjust the brightness in your Windows Media Player for best viewing results


Inner Iron Forearm Coconut Break
Clip of Parker Linekin and myself in 1981 in San Diego
This is a 364 KB download of a clip off an instructional Grandmaster Linekin made at Grandmaster (Jung Shee) Lacy's house. We do sell the tape this was excerpted from for $60. The Two Man Tai Chi Chuan movie on our site is the same as the form shown in the instructional t ape. The movie is of Parker and Jung Shee Lacy doing the form on San Diego's premiere morning show back in the early 80's called SunUp San Diego. Lacy, Linekin, Hughes, Hamilton, Peppers and others appeared several times on that show.

My Mentor in the Chain of Command Pecking Order:

The “Roots” of my success – Grandmaster Parker Linekin “A Tribute from Jim Lacy.”

During a stint at Santa Rosa Jr. College while living in the Redwoods of the California coastal town of Russian River, north of San Francisco, I decided to study Kenpo Karate. I had an old Volkswagen bus and made the 30 mile roundtrip 3 or 4 times a week for almost three years. My teacher was a second generation Ed Parker family tree black belt (of the Tracy’s lineage,) named Darrally Escalante. Upon arriving in San Diego in the 70’s, I was blessed to find Grandmaster Linekin teaching at the first karate school in Ocean Beach, CA.

I was impressed that Grandmaster Linekin visited me at my house and appreciated The Urantia Book I showed him. I knew God had put me in contact with a kindred spirit big brother that had the personality and impeccable lineage that I was looking for. Grandmaster Linekin is my very best friend in the whole world of martial arts. He is the only one who “knows” the full history and intriguing politics of “in crowd” martial arts.

Grandmaster Linekin never wavered in his friendship, and as for martial politics, he was always the first to offer communication to dissolve all differences. Grandmaster Linekin is a direct link to the past, present and future. It was not easy to get a black belt from him, and that perhaps in part could be attributed to the way in which his teacher Grandmaster Brian Adams taught! I met Grandmaster Adams through Grandmaster Linekin. I consider Brian to be my second best friend in the world of martial arts. No tribute to Grandmaster Linekin should be less than a book in size.

In truth, it was also Grandmaster Linekin who introduced me to 6th generation family inherited Great Grandmaster Doo Wai of the Bak Fu Pai Association; which led to my study with Wai for over a decade before moving on to my own path with the 18 Daoist Palms System I inherited via recommendation of Grandmaster Linekin to Grandmaster Doo Wai in 1988.

Grandmaster Linekin took the “time” to lay a foundation of impeccable roots. In this day and age, many forget that Elvis Presley’s art was Kenpo. Grandmaster Ed Parker was his teacher, friend and bodyguard. Elvis had the money to pick any instructor on earth. The Kenpo logo was on his guitar.

Even Kung Fu owes a great debt to the late Grandmaster Ed Parker. Grandmaster Parker was “teacher” to the Tracy’s who hired Grandmaster Wai. Grandmasters Adams and Linekin are on archived footage we have learning over 40 forms from Wai around 1973 or earlier. Before Wai’s first cover in 1975 with IKF, Grandmaster Adams and Linekin already had certification in White Tiger directly under Wai with lessons on video to prove it and certificates.

It would also be appropriate to mention that in my humble opinion Brian Adams’ best black belt was Parker Linekin and I am Grandmaster Linekin’s best black belt. As for Grandmaster Doo Wai, all credit goes to Parker Linekin for sending me to train with him. I learned well, produced 17 best selling Century DVD’s and am currently #1 on Google Search under ironpalm. Any success I have had came from taking care of myself, trusting God and loving those kindred spirits mentioned that made it all work and continue to work as a team.

James Patrick Lacy
September 3, 2006

Shattering Palm Destruction Level Hay Gung

Clip of Grandmasters Pepper and Lacy in 1980's
Coconut Break on Cable TV in 1980's
Clip of Grandmaster Linekin at Grandmaster Lacy's house
This is a 364 KB download of a clip off an instructional Grandmaster Linekin made at Grandmaster (Jung Shee) Lacy's house. We do sell the tape this was excerpted from for $60. The Two Man Tai Chi Chuan movie on our site is the same as the form shown in the instructional tape. The movie is of Parker and Jung Shee Lacy doing the form on San Diego's premiere morning show back in the early 80's called SunUp San Diego. Lacy, Linekin, Hughes, Hamilton, Peppers and others appeared several times on that show.

Clip of Grandmaster Adams at Grandmaster Lacy's house

This is Grandmaster Adams speaking a bit from his "Introduction Tape" to his system of Integrated Martial Arts. This tape is a must buy! This was filmed at my house in 2001 with me filming. The whole tape is priceless but because we are iron palm focused, I deemed this brief passage where Brian speaks of how Bruce Lee would train his small group in 'punching' (one of many) as especially apropos."

Staff Forms by Jung Shee Lacy

Palm Breaking Practice
What a Back Yard!
Heavenly Thunder Palms - Two Person
Five Dragon Ba Qua Staff Form - Two-Man
Five Dragon Ba Qua Staff Form - Solo
Watch Jung Shee Benching 300 Pounds!
Watch Jung Shee Lacy's Amazing Coconut Breaks

Emblazed Audio

"The Liniment From Ancient Chinese Lore:

Retail Opportunity

Have money to invest in your own profitable business?
Get in on the ground floor.
Purchase reproduction rights to some of
Mew Hing Productions Instructional Videos
Serious Inquiries Only Send an E-Mail or call (619) 766 - 9256

New Photos!

Tiger Plays Staff in the Year of the Goat

Grandmaster David German Breaking Tiles

Lohon Shi Fu Kimberly Williams
More of Kim

Click photo for enlargement

Click to Enlarge

"This is Master Jerry Goney. He is 6' 220 lbs. College educated with A.S and B.S degrees. He is another of my strength coaches. He is a consultant to police at Federal, State and Local levels. He runs his school out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. He specializes in close quarter combat and has 1 World and 3 National Championships in Drug-Free Power-lifting. He is rated as one of the world's strongest men with a 440 pound flat bench! He studies iron palm, herbs and chi kung with Jung Shee Lacy."
Note reads: "Sifu; Thank you for your help! Jerry Goney

Martial Multitask Training!"
Click photo for enlargement

Jung Shee Lacy Performing A Wrist Exercise

Photo of Wai - signed to me in the year he gave me the Grandmaster title to 18 Daoist Palms, 1988.

Wai and Lacy doing techniques for a shoot at Ocean Beach, in San Diego - late 80's.

Grandmaster Lacy with Great Grandmaster Brian Adams - Ed Parker 1st gen. and former student of Bruce Lee - Brian signed Jim's 8th Dan under GGM Linekin; Brian's first 10th Dan. GGM Linekin is also the Doo's Tai Chi GM!

May 1, 2011 - May all martial artists learn to swim.


Click to Enlarge

Sixth Generation Family Inherited Great Jung Shee Doo Wai of the Bak Fu Pai (White Tiger System of Southern Chinese Kung Fu, gave me my Shi Fu/Master of White Tiger Techniques in 1983. In 1985 I was given my Master of White Tiger Kung Fu and in 1988 I inherited the Grandmaster title to Five Elder Monk Mew Hing’s Sup Bat Mo Jung Pai. 18 Devil’s Palms is what Sup Bat Mo Jung Pai means – "18 Devil’s Palms System." That said, Mew Hing shed his Buddhist roots and became Daoist after the Five Elders escaped the burning Shil Lum Temple in the 1600’s. I am sharing this priceless document to preserve a part of history and to clear up why Great Jung Shee Doo Wai and I decided to use "18 Daoist Palms." When I say we are Five Elder Monk Mew Hing’s 18 Daoist Palms – 'Sup Bat Mo Jung Pai,' I am honoring the wishes of my former teacher while in a subtle way preserving the other name changed in translation according to Great Jung Shee Doo Wai's wishes as mentioned. Even though the Five Elders shed their Buddhist roots, they did so to avoid the authorities and survive. That said, obviously the roots of the Buddhist tradition as far as martial and healing was not wasted. Remember, Buddhism was imported and not purely Chinese as was Daoism. 18 Daoist Palms is a fast/internal system, based on qigong and herbs. My certificates are ‘old school.’ My Kenpo teacher to fifth Dan, Jung Shee Parker Linekin of the Doo’s Family White Tiger Tai Chi Chuan, Sovereign Bak Fu Pai Grandmaster Vincent James Peppers and even Grandmaster Douglas Wong of Contemporary White Lotus Kung Fu – all share the blue/white certificate templates you see on my site. Kindly excuse my former teacher’s typos; at least he speaks two languages. It is about authenticity, skill and intention…more than typos.

We remain forever "18 Daoist Palms" and merely share this old document before it ages any further, and to clarify why I still use 18 Daoist Palms – Sup Bat Mo Jung Pai. When Great Jung Shee Doo Wai's family chop manifested, I asked him to use it on a piece of paper so as to document it. He had been using the seal/embosser stamp with the White Tiger Southern Chinese Kung Fu Association prior, along with another version you see on my Shattering Palm "exclusive" certificate. I actually was given my own copy of the latter chop as a present at one time when I was in the association, as well as the original silkscreen for association t-shirts. In the beginning, I brought Wai's certificate templates to my printer for use of the association. That was the iron palm certificate templates. Many of the first students I taught while still a member of the association were given certificates Wai had approved for me to give my students. These older certificates stated "White Tiger Association – Mew Hing Division." As mentioned numerous times, we are no longer affiliated with the White Tiger Association. We are the 18 Daoist Palms association worldwide. Knowledge, wisdom and truth in sequential order lead to freedom. Thus, the truth shall set you free.

I am also sharing the paper (yellow legal… ;) Wai used at my house to document his then 'newly arrived older chop.' This is merely presented for historical insight and preservation. Click on the link to see my blue/white template certificates that others of the old guard, (some) share. These will include my 1983, 1985 and 1988 certificates. Great Grandmaster Doo Wai wrote over the word Devil in my presence and changed it to Daoist to reflect what I have just explained. My study of 18 Daoist Palms under Grandmaster Doo Wai was articulated in my 1989 write up in Inside Kung Fu Magazine’s Hall of Fame inductees. I was 1989 'Humanitarian of the Year' Hall of Fame inductee in Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

In closing, I have hundreds of photos with me and my former teacher. Many are signed to me as Grandmaster of the Mew Hing System of 18 Daoist Palms. The awesome amount of footage of him actually teaching me has all been preserved. I even have complete footage of him teaching me how to make hit pills, two-person forms, productions we filmed for the public, private personal footage, a seminar I taught for him at White Tiger Tai Chi Chuan Grandmaster Parker Linekin's school in Point Loma San Diego, television shows – including the Joe George show with Wai, Vince, Doug and his son Travis…and much more. I have written and video documentation of my former teacher acknowledging me being the official fund-raiser and worldwide iron palm representative, when I was in the association. Eighteen Daoist Palms has a rich history. This information is being shared for historical purposes only.

Grandmaster (Jung Shee) James Patrick Lacy
7th Generation Jung Shee of Five Elder Monk Mew Hing’s 18 Daoist Palms – 'Sup Bat Mo Jung Pai' Southern Chinese Kung Fu.
Title authorized by family inherited sixth generation Great Jung Shee Doo Wai of the White Tiger – 'Bak Fu Pai' in January of 1988.

Click to Enlarge

"I would like to reiterate that all the information I have been privy to I teach out as 18 Daoist Palms material, thus '18 Daoist Palms' own art, plus our versions of White Tiger, White Eyebrow, Northern Shil lum, Wing Chun and many others. We always put '18 Daoist Palms' in front of the name of the material we put out, in describing the information so that you know it merely comes from my collection and has nothing to do with the White Tiger Association." Signed: Grandmaster (Jung Shee) James Patrick Lacy 7th Generation One and Only Grandmaster of Five Elder Monk Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms System. Title authorized by 6th Generation Bok Fu Pai (White Tiger System) Grandmaster (Jung Shee) Doo Wai in January of 1988.

Click to Enlarge

"This is a fan 6th Generation White Tiger Kung Fu Grandmaster (Jung Shee) Doo Wai pulled off his wall and gave Jim as a gift the same day he gave Jim the letter you see. Jim and his wife Karin were there together at Doo Wai's house on July 6, 1996." signed: Grandmaster Lacy / 18 Daoist Palms

GM Lacy GM Lacy
GM Lacy

Grandmaster Lacy’s Kenpo Ju-jitsu certifications signed by Grandmaster Linekin and Grandmaster Adams

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