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Sparrow Descending To Its Perch: Solo and Two Person Slow Moving Meditation Fighting Form.

Seven Star Continuous Fist: Solo and Two Person Fighting Form.

Tiger Step: Solo and Two Person Fighting Form.

Five Dragon Ba Qua Staff: Solo and Two Person Fighting Form.

Clouds In Heaven: Slow Moving Meditation Single Sword Solo and Two Person Fighting Form.

Eighteen White Tiger Seated Meditations: Meditations for Chi Cultivation and Mental Clarity.

Chong Boe Lung Ying Kuen (Straight Forward Steps/Dragon Fist): White Tiger Solo Fighting Form.

Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms High Level Standing Moving Meditations  1-8:

8-1) Monk Viewing The Night Moon,

8-2) Goddess Spreading Her Flowers,

8-3) Lohon Palms,

8-4) Emperor Of Heaven Holding Up The Pagoda,

8-5) Ten Thousand Monk's Drying The Silk,

8-6) Golden Light,

8-7) Golden Child Praying,

8-8) Mo Dong Form.

Chi Projection: Two very high level seated moving meditations.

White Tiger Wooden Dummy #1.

White Tiger Wooden Dummy #2.

Women's Self Defense Techniques.

Three Star Two Person Exercise.

Mantis Hand Sensitivity Drills: Two sensitivity drills.

Shil lum System Of Dim Mak: 20 points, times, effects, antidotes, two meditations and two fighting forms.

Daoist Immortal's Blood, Heaven's Chi - Dim Mak: 22 points, times, effects, antidotes, two meditations and two fighting forms.

White Tiger's Dim Mak: 40 points, times, effects, antidotes, four meditations and two lengthy fighting forms.

Nine Step Continuous Fist.

Dragon Form.

Dragon Claw.

Ten Thousand Temple Fist.

Lohon Fist.

Ten Thousand Buddha Fist.

Skylight Fist.

Floor Killing Fist.

Monk Drying His Silk: Used, according to legend, for terminal illness and to adjust the immune system.

Goddess Spreading Her Flowers.

Monk Watching The Moon.

Hay Gung Meditation: The original name for chi kung, consists of two standing meditations and two meditative exercises with movement - these were originally designed to make the body impenetrable to swords and knives, however, nowadays they are used for health.

Dragon Form Tiger Step.

Earthquake Tiger Step.

White Tiger Leg Maneuvers.

Jee Shin Shim Shee's - Small Plum Flower Fist Form: Jee Shin Shim Shee is the Five Elder monk that kept the original Shaolin Long Fist alive. He is the one that saved the original Shaolin System by creating Northern Shaolin. He was also Five Elder nun Ng Mui's elder brother in the arts. Her original system was longfist but was revamped to shortfist later.

Jee Shin Shim Shee's - Taming The Tiger.

Jee Shin Shim Shee's - Tiger/Crane.

Jee Shin Shim Shee's - Iron Thread.

White Snake Fist.

Immortal's Blood, Heaven's Chi - Tiger Step and Standing Meditation.

Seven Star Continuous Earthquake Fist.

Single Moon Ascending To Heaven - Slow Moving Meditation Form: This Mew Hing form was adopted by Fung Doe Duk, after Mew Hing died, as the Doo's family Tai Chi. This form is older than Chen's Tai Chi as formal Pai.

White Hair Fist.

Spring / Autumn Tiger Step.

Fung Doe Duk's - Ba Ting Gum Iron Body.

Mew Hing's - Loke Kut Kuen.

Mew Hing's - Nar Jar Fist Kuen.

Mew Hing's - Lohon Kuen.

Mew Hing's - Hou Kuen.

Mew Hing's - Wou Shan Jae Yut (Monk Chasing the Moon): Moving Meditation, Fighting Form and Breakdowns.

Eight Fairies Fist.

Dragon / Phoenix Fist.

Snake Fist.

Eight Attack Fist and Breakdowns.

Lotus Palms and Two Person.

Gic Boe Kuen.

Devil's Claw.

Eagle's Claw Chinese Ten Hook Attack Fist.

Dragon's Shadow/Devil's Fist.

18 Devil's Bridge.

Fae Sat Kuen.

Tin Gong Kuen.

Lung Ying Kuen.

Sup Jee Kuen.

Fu Hok Kuen.

Man Jee Kuen.

Fifteen White Tiger White Eyebrow Training Forms and Breakdowns (from the Mew Hing System).

Tiger/Crane Form.

Jee Shin Shim Shee's - Plum Blossom Fist.

Iron Thread Form.

Taming The Tiger.

Mew Hing's Winds of Heaven Standing Moving Meditation Form.

Side Sweep 1000 lbs. Form.

18 Daoist Palms Form.

Drunken Kuen.

Monkey Fist.

Jing Force Punching Drill.

Chut Sing Lin Wan Kuen Two Person Kuen.

Dropping The Soul Fist.

Seven Star Earthquake Fist.

Ten Thousand Temple Eight Directional Fist.

Daoist Push Hands Moving Meditation Two Person Kuen.

Daoist Palm Slow Moving Meditation Kuen.

Golden Light Kuen.

Daoist Palms Bridge Form.

Dragon Form Tiger Step.

Earthquake Tiger Step.

Ting Fong Fu Boe Kuen.

Dragon / Phoenix Fist and Two Person.

Flying Phoenix Fist (Nomadic Tribe - Secret High Level) and Two Person plus Meditation.

Lohon Fist (White Tiger Secret Form).

Three Scholar's Fist.

Monks Drying The Silk.

Monk Scooping The Water.

Golden Chicken On One Leg.

Lohon Watching The Moon.

Golden Child Praying To The Moon.

Goddess Spreading Her Flowers.

Lotus Position.

Monk Carrying The Water.

Phoenix Technique.

Mew Hing Secret Fighting Form, High Level, 'Drunken Fairies'.

Arhat Fist.

Work Fist.

Cross Fist.

Five Form Fist.

Buddha Fist.

Red Buddha Fist.

White Buddha Fist.

Red Hair Fist.

Swallow Fist.

Eight Slaying Fist.

Six Step Fist.

Nine Step Fist.

Dragon Form Fist.

Child That Wards Off Evil Fist.

Eight Forming Fist.

Crane Fist.

Daoist Fist.

Mew Hing's High Level Secret, ' Seven Star Earthquake Fist'.

White Tiger's Nine Step Daoist Fist.

10,000 Buddha Fist.

Heavenly Crane Fist Two Person.

Nar Jar Fist Two Person.

Buddha Palm Two Person.

Hainan Island Fist Two Person.

Heavenly Crane Fist Two Person.

Nar Jar Kuen Solo Form.

Buddha Palm Kuen Solo Kuen.

Dragon / Phoenix Fist Solo Form.

Heavenly Dragon Fist Solo Form.

Heavenly Crane Fist Solo Form.

10,000 Temple Fist Solo Form.

Tiger / Crane Fist Solo Form.

Heavenly Emperor's Fist Solo Form.

Golden Dragon Fist Solo Form.

Mantis Fist Solo Form.

Mao's Mountain Fist Solo Form.

Mo Dong Kuen Solo Form.

Buddha's Mountain Fist Solo Form.

Goddess Of Mercy Fist Solo Form.

Hay Gung Moving Meditation: Chi Development.

Dragon / Phoenix Fist Two Person.

Heavenly Dragon's Fist Two Person.

Dragon Of The Ocean Fist: #17 Of The White Tiger Most Advanced Nerve Hitting Forms.

White Tiger Exiting The Forest.

Ten Thousand Temple Fist Two Person.

Tiger / Crane Fist Two Person.

Daoist Palm Form and Two Person: Five Rare Moving Meditations - At One Time Valued At $40,000 Each!

Heavenly Thunder Palm

Fire From Heaven Palm

Sky Dragon

Red Lotus Fire Palm

Red Dragon Palm

White Lotus

White Tiger Staff And Two Person.

Flying Phoenix Staff vs. Saber Two Person.

White Tiger Lotus Spear.

Snake Staff.

Spear vs. Staff.

Lohon Staff.

Monk Splashing The Water Staff.

Black Dragon Staff.

Buddha Staff.

Lotus Flower Staff.

Dragon/Crane Single Sword.

Mew Hing's Butterfly Sword Forms 1 - 6.

Butterfly Sword vs. Staff.

Lotus Single Dagger.

Lotus Double Daggers.

Chinese Flute Form.

Lotus Staff Two Person.

Splashing The Water Staff Two Person.

Single E'Mie Mountain Sword.

Double E'Mie Mountain Swords.

Single E'Mie Mountain Plum Flower Sword.

Double E'Mie Mountain Plum Flower Swords.


Iron Palm Coconut Break Level 1 Procedure and Herbal Formulas: Also Includes the 'Heavenly Thunder Palms' Solo and Two Person Form With Breakdowns, Push Hands and Eight Level 1 Standing/Moving Meditations, Complete With Their Own Percentage Breath Control Sequence Combinations.

Internal Iron Palm Coconut Break Level 2 Procedure and Herbal Formulas: Also Includes Level 2 Solo Fighting Form and Breakdowns. Also, 9 Internal Iron Palm Level 2 Standing Moving Meditations Complete with Percentage Breath Control Sequence Combinations Unique For Each Meditation.

Internal Iron Palm Coconut Break Level 4.

18 High Level Seated Iron Palm Meditations: All have names and come with and without hand movements. These were originally taught out for $2,000 each.

28 High Level Standing Iron Palm Meditations.

9 Levels Of The Tibetan Lama Burning Palm System And Formulas.

Springy Palm Levels 1 - 6: Each has its' own striking procedure and two meditations, one standing and one seated per level. Each level has a separate formula.

Mew Hing's More Advanced Internal Burning Palm: Seven levels originally valued at $20,000. Each level has its own striking procedure and two meditations per level.

16 High Level Chi Producing Meditations.

Winds Above The Ground: High Level Iron Palm Moving Meditation.

Watching Clouds: Advanced Iron Palm Moving Meditation.

Golden Lotus: Very Advanced Iron Palm Moving Meditation.

Watching 10,000 Miles: Advanced Iron Palm Moving Meditation.

High Level Shattering Palm Hay Gung Meditation.

REMEMBER This iron palm list does not include 9 levels to destroy the Tibetan Lama Burning Palm, 7 levels of the rare Fire Palm, 9 levels of the Shattering Palm nor many other high level iron palm chi kung, moving meditations, herbal formulas and special training exercises and drills.

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